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Take Charge of Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Agile Wealth provides advice and services designed to help you find a balance between today’s goals and tomorrow’s needs. Our professional financial advisors are available across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, so we can empower you to build the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Financial advice for every stage of your life...

Starting Out

There’s no better time to build your wealth than now. With solutions designed to make the most of your money, investments, superannuation and wellbeing, we’ll help you start out with a solid foundation.

Getting Ahead

Your needs are always changing, so your finances should too. Agile Wealth can help you get ahead so you can establish a position that ensures your money, investments and business will provide for your future and give you options in life.

Thinking About Retirement

Get ready to transition to the next stage of your life and enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Our tailored financial advice can ensure you’re in the best position and help you plan the retirement you deserve.

Money in Retirement

Make the most of your money in retirement and enjoy the things you love. Whether you’re looking to settle near the grandkids, travel the world or plan for the future, our professional financial advisor can help.

About Agile Wealth

Agile Wealth is a professional financial advisory firm that’s led by Richard Elmes. With over 30 years’ experience in investment banking, business consulting and financial advice at some of the world’s leading firms, Richard can develop a solution for every stage of your life.

The team at Agile Wealth works a little differently. We’re focused on helping you build the life you want to live, now and in the future. We do that by developing tailored financial plans that solve problems and put you in control of your money. It’s not about building wealth for the sake of it – we’re here to make sure you’re in a position to achieve your goals and look after your family for the long term.

As a professional financial advisor, Richard relies on his experience to make a real difference. When we say that your success is our success, we mean it. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, we’re here to be your partner and provide services that offer you the freedom to enjoy your life and pursue your goals.

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Richard Elmes owner of Agile Wealth

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Specialist Expertise

Self Managed Super Funds

The right investments can make your superannuation work harder than ever before. We can ensure your self managed super fund is set up so that you make the most of your opportunity.


Getting more from your money and investments doesn’t need to be a challenge. Our professional financial advisors can help you invest your money and build options for your future.

Our Dedicated Care For You

Professional and Collaborative Approach

We work closely with our clients. This collaborative process means we’re equipped to build your wealth and the future you’re dreaming of.

Strategic Leadership in Financial Advice

Our approach to advice is driven by more than 30 years of industry experience in helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Built on Integrity, Honesty and Trust

Trust is at the heart of everything we do. Our work is transparent, and we’re always nearby if you need honest advice about your situation.

We help you identify your real goals and objectives so you can dare to dream.

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