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There’s nothing more personal than the insurance policies that protect you, your family and your businesses. We structure our personal insurance advice to offer flexibility and peace of mind, meaning your loved ones will be able to enjoy a secure financial future.

Protect Your Greatest Assets with Personal Insurance

Your personal insurances play a central role in your financial strategy. We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your insurance policies in order.

Consider your future. What happens if you can’t work or earn an income? Having the right personal insurances in place can secure your financial future when you need it most. Whatever stage of life you’re at, Agile Wealth can help you navigate the world of insurance and choose policies that will protect you, your family and your businesses.

Your personal insurance is an asset that:

Unbiased Personal Insurance Advice

Agile Wealth has no affiliation with any of the insurance products we recommend. That means the advice you receive from our professional advisors is always in your best interests. This includes giving you the option to pay a fixed-fee rate, rather than commission. The result is that you benefit from reduced premiums and increased flexibility to manage the cost of our insurance advice as you see fit. We will proactively help you balance your financial risk needs over time so you can reduce your dependency on insurance.

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Our Personal Insurance Services​

Our personal insurance advice begins with a simple conversation. We take the time to understand you and your circumstances so we can develop a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Throughout the process we will collaborate with you to determine how much personal insurance you need. Agile Wealth always recommends changes or new insurance cover based on extensive research, and we only work with providers we trust.

When making our recommendations, we look at more than just the cost of the insurance. We’ll take the time to work with you and discuss any trade-offs involved. This ensures you have the right structure of insurance that impacts:

Personal insurance is a critical part of your financial plan, but not all policies are created equal. We always recommend seeking unbiased advice, so you know what you are covered for and what you are not, before committing to any personal insurance policy. 

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Insurances work together to manage your financial risk. We can help you with:

Income Protection Insurance

Trauma or Critical illness Insurance

Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

Life Insurance

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